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Welcome to AlphaNine GSP!
The AlphaNine group of companies was started in the year 2000 as a consulting, and datacomm firm. Since then we have expanded globally with presences in the US, and India. We've evolved over the years into primarily a provider of datacomm services.

The AlphaNine GSP group mainly focuses on the game server niche in the technology sector. We currently offer Linux based game servers, and will be expanding our service offerings to cover other operating systems as well. In addition to our shared game server offerings, we also offer node shares, and dedicated servers geared toward gaming.

Power up your game server experience, and acquire services from AlphaNine GSP.
AlphaNine GSP News
Announcement - First Nodes Operating
The AlphaNine GSP group announces that the first set of gaming geared nodes are now operational. These nodes include RAID 10 for redundancy and performance. We'll be adding nodes with SSD in the near future.
- AlphaNine GSP 04/01/2014
Site Release - The AlphaNine GSP Site is Now Online
We are ready for your service requests. Expect to be pleased with the results of the services that we provide. Our mix of data transport providers just got upgraded. Expect an even more superior service than before!
- AlphaNine GSP 03/23/2014
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